How do you install a gutter brush? It’s easy as pie!

Eco-friendly and easy: the gutter brushes simply hook together and provide protection from excess debris while allowing rainwater to pass through. How do you install it? That’s as easy as pie. You can have cleaner rainwater in 4 easy steps:

  1. Clean the gutter. Remove leaves and excess debris with a hand brush.
  2. Place the first brush at the end of the gutter.
  3. Hook the next brushes together to create a long string, which completely fills up your gutter.
  4. Excess? Fold the last brush over, so that it fits tightly into the gutter, or push the end into the drain channel. Never cut off the end of the brush. This will ensure that the fibres remain firmly attached.
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gootborstels aan elkaar haken
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A smarter way to cleaner rainwater?

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