Prevent clogged up gutters

A gutter brush? It has to be the quickest and most efficient way to clean rainwater. A gutter brush is a surprisingly simple solution for excess debris in your drain. The characteristic spines of the Gutter-Brush keep leaves out of your gutter. Uninvited guests will no longer get a chance to make their nests there. Nests built under the roof tiles are a common problem. Thanks to gutter brushes, you can avoid, for example, martens to come in through the tiles along the roof. If you have solar panels, gutter brushes will prevent birds from damaging the cables. But gutter brushes are particularly effective in avoiding excess debris. They keep your gutters clean and prevent clogging by pine needles and leaves under sewer grates. Less cleaning of gutter grates and gutters? In short: gutter brushes ensure significant savings in cleaning costs & time.

A carefree autumn starts with a Gutter-Brush!

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Prevent clogged gutters

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